Adding a field to a feature layer


This page will explain how to add an area field to a feature layer in ArcGIS Online


  • You will need to have a username and password set up for you by a Cadasta team member. If you do not have a user please contact
  • You will need to sign to your account - see Introduction to your account for a reminder
  • You will need to be a member of the group in which the feature has been shared.


  1. Navigate to the desired Web Map and press the Item Details button

  2. Press the Open in Map Viewer button

  3. See the Web Map

  4. Click Content

  5. Click the Show Table icon under the desired layer

    <small>Note: This example uses the Pradan geometry - Polygon layer</small>

  6. See the Table View

  7. Click Options

  8. Click Add Field

  9. Fill out the contents of the field values

    Note: This example uses double type for its numerical field for area in hectares

  10. Click Add New Field

  11. See the new Field in the Table

    Note: This example uses the Hectares field

  12. Click on the field name, Hectares

  13. Click on Calculate

  14. The Calculate Field window appears

  15. Fill out the SQL Expression

    Expression: POWER(Shape__Area,2)/10000
    Explanation:    The Shape_Area field is in square meters. In order to convert meters to hectares,

    you must base the expression on the following equation: Ha = m2/1,000


1) Click Calculate

1) See that the Hectares field has been calculated

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