Deleting a Collected Survey Record


These steps will explain how to delete a collected survey record in the Survey123 website.


You will need to have an account on the Cadasta AGOL platform and be the owner of the survey.


  1. Navigate to My Surveys

  2. Sign in to your account

  3. If not automatically, navigate to All Surveys

  4. Select your desired survey

    Note: The number of uploaded surveys is reflected in the Record(s) information shown on the survey’s thumbnail. In this case, there are seven records.

  5. You will automatically be brought to the Overview Page of your survey

  6. Navigate to the Data Page of your survey

  7. Select Open in Map Viewer on the Data Page of your survey

    Note: A pop-out (inset) window will appear of the mapped view of collected survey records.

  8. Click on the record you would like to delete

    Note: The selected record’s data will be shown in a pop-up box which can be scrolled through.

  9. Scroll down through the record pop-up and select Edit

  10. The Edit survey screen will open

  11. Scroll down through the Edit screen and select Delete at the bottom

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