Joining Two Feature Layers


This page will explain how to join a feature layer from Survey123 with another feature layer for Collector in ArcGIS Online


  • You will need to have a username and password set up for you by a Cadasta team member. If you do not have a user please contact
  • You will need to sign to your account - see Introduction to your account for a reminder
  • You will need to the owner of both feature layers and you will need to know which AGOL folder you have access to.


  1. Navigate to the desired Web Map and press the "Item Details" button

  2. Press the Open in Map Viewer button

  3. See the Web Map
  4. Click Analysis
  5. See Perform Analysis sidebar
  6. Click Summarize Data
  1. See Summarize Data

  2. Click Join Features

  3. See the Join Features Steps

  4. Choose your target layer (layer 1 mentioned in the pre-steps)

    Note: This will be your geometry layer in this example

  5. Choose your join layer (layer 2 mentioned in the pre-steps)

    Note: This will be your survey layer in this example

  6. Select the Join Type, Choose the fields to match

    Note: This example bases the join on fields (tables) and not on geometry (spatial)

  7. Select the fields to join

    1. Select GlobalID (layer 1)
    2. Select collectorID (layer 2)
  8. Choose Join Operation, Join one to many

    Note: This example uses a one to many relationship but you could use a one to one relationship for other reasons

  9. Name the join and select the folder to save the join in (remember the folder from the pre-steps)

  10. Uncheck the "Use current map extent" checkbox and check the "Create results as hosted feature layer view"

  11. Click Run Analysis
  12. See your newly created Feature Layer in the Contents sidebar of the Web Map with the other Feature Layers

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