Adding labels to features in a web map


This page will explain how to add labels to a feature layer in a web map in ArcGIS Online (AGOL)


  • You will need to have a username and password set up for you by a Cadasta team member. If you do not have a user please contact
  • You will need to sign to your account - see Introduction to your account for a reminder


  1. Navigate to map in Map Viewer

  2. Select More Options from the desired layer

  3. Select Create Labels from More Options

  4. See the Label Features window

  5. Choose desired label from the Text drop-down

    Note: The drop-down options consist of attributes. A new expression can be created and applied. The expression must be written using Arcade expression language. You can read more about Arcade expressions at this link.

  6. In this example, the CreationDate attribute was chosen in the Text drop-down

  7. Press OK once the labels are set

  8. Click Save

  9. See the end result of the labelled polygons

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