Survey123 Adding a new language


This page will explain how to add another language in your Survey123 survey


* You will need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your workstation and an have an existing survey file


  1. Open your survey form in Microsoft Excel and navigate to the "Survey" tab
  2. Scroll over to the second Label column, or field, header

    If you do not know the official language or subtag to use, please search for the language from this link:

  3. The second language field header should follow this pattern

    label::Description (subtag)

    For example, for the Indonesian language the syntax would be

    label::Indonesian (id)

  4. Note that the description name upholds proper capitalization, or proper casing, while the subtag is completely uncapitalized

    Also please note that there is only a space between the description and the open parenthesize

    Here is how the final result would look like:

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