Setting up a project - Complete Workflow


This page will explain how to create a new Cadasta project in ArcGIS Online (AGOL) for use with the Collector and Survey12s mobile apps.


  • You will need to have a username and password set up for you by a Cadasta team member. If you do not have a user please contact
  • You will need to sign to your account - see Introduction to your account for a reminder
  • You will need to install Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS


Step 1: Creating a New Feature Layer

  1. Log in to your account in AGOL and navigate to Content, My Content:

  1. Create a new Feature Layer by selecting Create

  2. Select Feature Layer

  3. Select Build a Layer

  4. Select Polygon and Create
  1. Select Create

  2. Select Next and Next

  3. Enter a Title and make sure the Tags has at least the “Data Collection” tag included. Other information is optional.

  1. Select Done

Step 2: Sharing a Feature Layer

  1. Navigate to the newly created Feature Layer by selecting Content, My Content, and finding the new feature Note: Do not attempt to do this via the Feature Layer’s Item Description Page

  2. Check the box next to the Feature Layer

  3. Select Share

  4. Select Access and update capabilities

  5. Select your organization’s User Group and Check the box

  6. Select OK

Step 3: Creating a New Web Map

  1. Navigate to the Map Viewer by clicking Map from the top bar

  2. Select Details to navigate to About, Content, and Legend sections.

  3. Select Content to view layers (and Layer Options)

  4. Select the Layer Options to access Show Legend, Show Table, Change Style, Filter, Perform Analysis, and More Options

  5. Select Add to add layers to a map

    Note: There are multiple options for adding data layers to the map: Search for Layers, Browse Living Atlas Layers, Add Layer from Web, Add Layer from File, and Add Map Notes

  6. On the ribbon, click the Add button and choose Search for Layer

    Note: A default list of search results appears.

  7. Type in the search box. Search for the newly created Polygon Feature Layer

    Note: You are able to limit the search results.

  8. In the list of results, locate your search result

  9. Click Add (or the plus icon) to add the layer to the map

    Note: You can add as many layers as you would like.

  10. At the top of the search pane, click the Back button.

    Note: The layers are drawn, with their default symbols, in the order in which they were loaded into the map.

  11. Save your map. On the ribbon, click the Save button and choose Save.

  1. To change or add a Basemap, navigate to the top of the Details pane and click the Content button.

  2. If necessary, click the Basemap button on the ribbon and choose a basemap.

  3. Click the Save button and choose Save.

Step 4: Sharing a Web Map for Offline Use

  1. In the web map you created, select the About tab and then select the “More Details” link to open the item information page.

  1. Select the Settings tab and scroll down to the Web Map section.

  2. Ensure that the “Use in Collector for ArcGIS” checkbox is checked. If not, check it and then press the “Save” button.

Step 5: Creating a Survey Form

  1. Open the Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS application.

  2. Create a new XLSForm (survey) in Survey123 Connect, using Excel

  3. Add all your desired questions and choices.

  4. Navigate to the end of your survey form in Excel

  5. Add the following lines in the appropriate columns

    Note: Copying and pasting each cell is best practice until you have a working survey template for your organization.

  6. Select Save

  7. Publish your survey

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