Using a Web App


This page will explain how use a WebApp in ArcGIS Online


  • You will need to have a username and password set up for you by a Cadasta team member. If you do not have a user please contact
  • You will need to sign to your account - see Introduction to your account for a reminder.


  1. From the ArcGIS Online (AGOL) homepage, navigate to the User Group page

  2. Search for or scroll to the Web App

  3. Click on the Web App to navigate to the item details then click on View Application


    Open the Web App by clicking on the thumbnail

  4. See the Web App

  5. You can zoom in and out, go to the home location, navigate to your current location, and start full screen mode by using these buttons

    Note: At any point you can place your mouse over any of the buttons and an identification pop-up will name the button

  1. With the Edit button you can open the Edit Widget to add, delete, and edit features

  2. With the Smart Editor button you can open the Smart Editor Widget to create new features

  3. With the Draw button you can open the Draw Widget to add polygons, lines, points, and text

  4. With the Share button you can open the Share Widget to email the web app link easily

  5. The scale bar looks like this and is in the left-bottom corner of the web app

  6. The attribute table can be seen by pressing Open Attribute Table button

  7. The Legend button shows the map’s legend

  8. The Layer list buttondisplays the map’s layers

  9. The Print button provides advanced map output options

  10. See the Advanced option for map layout options

  11. The Add Data button allows you to search for more layers in your User Group and to add those or others from your files to the map

Additional Resources

Print Widget

Widget Overview

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